Step By Step Guide to Download Photoshop Free

If you intend to download Photoshop free then you might be interested in finding out how and where you can get this wonderful application. Well, there are many ways of obtaining a free Photoshop download, depending on your current needs.

download photoshop free

Although some ways of downloading Photoshop for free are considered illegal or an infringement of the copyrights of the maker, some are generally accepted. If you are searching for a free Photoshop download, then perhaps the following procedure will help you to download this application without paying a single dime.

First, you need to choose the manner or way of accessing the file. There are at least 2 ways you can get the application. One of the simple ways is to access the file from a file sharing website like Alternatively, you can also get the free trial version from Adobe or other review sites such as which offer trial versions for download.

Once you identify a good site to download Photoshop free, you need to follow the download links. Sometimes this link may be in the website but sometimes you will be directed to the website that offers the file for free. However, you must check to ensure that the link is not broken so that you don’t waste time downloading from that site.

If you are convinced that the link is good to go to download Photoshop free, then you should initiate the download. To speed up the download, you should have a good downloads manager application like uTorrent or IDM which can shorten the time that you take to complete the download. If you don’t have this application, then you can get it for free from a number of sites online.

Before you download Photoshop for free, you should ensure that you have enough space and a good internet connection to initiate the download. If your speed averages 128kbps, then you will have little difficulty in downloading the application with ease. Also, ensure that your internet connection is relatively stable so that you won’t have to pause and resume the downloading frequently until completion.

After you have completed downloading the file, you should select a place to save it. This should be ideally a folder in the hard disk where you can easily access the application if need be. Alternatively, the computer may just save it by default and so if you have no problem with where the file is stored then you can proceed with the next stage.

Next, you should install and run the free Photoshop download that you got in your PC. This will take a couple of minutes. If you are using a 30-day trial version then you will use the activation key which sometimes comes with the application depending on the website you have downloaded it from. However, if you are using the premium version, then you may need to acquire the key.

Finally, launch the application from the shortcut icon in your desktop. You can then check out the features of the application and if you want to proceed with getting the basics, you should click on the help tab and follow the instructions on how to use the Photoshop application. Now you see why it’s not difficult to download Photoshop free – the procedure is as simple as that.

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